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Thread: No more keys?

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    No more keys?

    Hi it has been over a month since I received a steam key offer is this a bug on my account or are they done giving away free steam games

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    Check your account evryday and maybe thare will be some new keys.
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    Did you get a steamkey in the last few month?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crusader305 View Post
    Did you get a steamkey in the last few month?
    Yes. I got plenty of steam keys.
    I got keys for thise games:

    Two Worlds 2
    Earth 2150 - The Moon Project
    Commander - Conquest Of The Americas
    Otherland no keys left I wait for this one.
    Earth 2150 - Lost Souls
    Two Worlds - Game of the Year Edition
    Pirates of Black Cove
    Knights and Merchants HD
    East India Company Gold Edition
    Gorky 17
    So be patient and check for new keys every day.
    Good luck.

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    Give me that Keys, asshole.

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