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    Thanks for the new giveaway DLH !
    Two worlds 2 is quite a good game.

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    Hello! Where can I find the Steam Key for each game? I can't find it..

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    > SirLovecraft
    if you go to the official home page , not the forum, and log in in the upper part of the page. (black line; icons;facebook,google+,twitter,youtube ----*nothing*----- log in/username)
    then press your username and simply choose the options steam keys from the drop down menu.
    to get the keys you have to claim them from the giveaways - that seem to occur every now and then . (resetting every full hour - so get there in time if you don't have the wanted key yet.)
    you claim those keys from that very page, when there are keys available a blue button will be next to the games name, and by pressing it, following the one instruction you get you can then receive a key.

    I hope this will be of some help. // Yersinia

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    How often do they send steam keys out?

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    is there a way to get a key for the games that don't have any keys left? at the time of writing this they are out of two worlds 1 and 2, and east India company and commander, and i really would like to get them.

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